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My turbo just died?

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I was driving last night and got on it, i was about 15psi in 2nd gear and the car acted really funny when i let off and all i could hear was some crazy loud fluttering. Now the car wont boost =-( I thought maybe i popped a chargepipe (one side is welded togother so i only had to check one side) but they were all in tact. It makes a weird flutter sound whenever i let off the gas now and i have no boost... Havent drove it since that happend on the way home but didnt notice any turbo spooling going on ..... Seems it locked up?
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It seems you toasted the chra of the turbo and won't spin to make boost. I have a spare t15 if you want but it needs a compression wheel. It's in great condition. You can use your wheel. Let me know
Nah thanks anyway. I need a clutch first LOL This car is screwed as far as my expenses go....
try spinning the turbo by hand if it turns check on your wastegate and bov to see if you tore a flange or had one freeze open

good luck on your clutch i am sidelined too for that problem:dead:
I messed with it before i went to work this morning and realized the vacuum line had blown off the bov. I guess it couldnt build boost b/c of that. Definitely caused some crazy fluttering sounds lol Neways im boosting again and very happy about it. I just gotta get that clutch!
great to hear!!
awesome to hear... where's videos? ;D how much is a clutch??
the race clutch/pressure plate combo off of is going to run me around 450 shipped. Im hoping to get to order it next month but I dunno yet. I'll get alot of vids once i get a clutch, PROMISE!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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