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n00b from the honda world

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whats up guys? im here coming from the honda world (not leaving the honda world but im 'expanding my horizons') and im pretty good with them but when it comes to hyundais im basically like ??????. so i decided to join up here and try to find out more about the cars. engine swaps, turbos, SCs, nitrous, I/H/E, internals, the works. the main car that attracted me was the new tiburon, but ive been interested in the cars for a while. so i guess im here. i'll be searching around for a while and i might have some questions for you guys later. thanks!
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Welcome to! The Tib is an eccelent car to mod. They can be real street machines, or serious racing cars. Its really up to you. Enjoy your stay, and thanks for looking at the crooked H
just curious do you guys have like a master list of the engines and good ideas for swaps or for what engines are in what cars? and a code guide to help me out with these engines?

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You will just have to do alot of research.I will tell you the swaps off the top of my mind.
The older elantras you can do the dsm mitsubishi gst turbo engine swap. the accents you can swap the 4 cylinder tiburon motor into with out much of a problem. Theres a few more I dont know about. The accent is about the same weight as a civic hatch and go pretty fast with out that much horsepower. They make trhe most after market for the tiburons and elantras. Turbo kits and super chargers and everything. You can also turbo the accent motor pretty easy without spending much money and that will get you going. The fastest accent I heard of ran the 1.5 sohc with a turbo and ran 9.9 in a quarter.
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