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n00b looking for tips

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Hey all!

I'm new to this site and to the import turner world. I've always loved hot looking, fast cars but never had the money or time to do anything of my own. Well, I have both the money and time now. I've looked around to figure out which car I want to customize, and, for obvious reasons, the older style Tib just stands out. I thought about tricking out my Infiniti G35, but the limited stuff in production for it don't look very good to me, and most of the stuff is really expensive. This is odd, because I like the look of the new Tibs (stock) more than the older style (stock). But after seeing the Veilside kit for the 2001 Tib I got all warm and fuzzy. I've already picked out a bunch of performance parts and exterior upgrades that I'm interested in, but I don't have the first clue about the mechanics side of things. I'm a computer dork and only know entry-level stuff about tuning.

I need some help and tips on what to look for, what to do, and ESPECIALLY what NOT to do. Do certain parts need other parts at the same time to safegaurd against damage to the car (i.e. can I put a Stage 3 Turbo kit on a stock 2001 Tib w/o needing other parts to make sure it doesn't damage anything? Or, what's the major difference between a Turbo or Super kit, and which is better for what?)? Where should I start? I've found a nice Injen cold air intake and heat shield, but I don't even know where to go from there. I'll have roughly 1.5k per month to put towards this, so it may take a couple years to get it up to par with some of the hot tuners out there, but I want a competition-quality Tib. Personally, I aim more for looks and audio then speed, but I want all 3 with this. I've pretty much picked out all the exterior stuff I want, but the interior, engine, etc. is seeming harder to find top quality stuff.

If you don't like n00bs, I understand and thanx for taking the time to read this. If you understand where I'm coming from, then please give me some tips or help.

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the 4 cylinder tibs benefit from turbos because they have a lot of torque. so regardless if you s/c or turbo it, it doesn't matter much.
Make sure you have a good set of tools & good luck
Thanx for the info. I've also heard that superchargers are better for everyday use and turbo are harder to maintain in the long run. Is this true? Most of my problem is that I've asked so many people about this stuff, I get conflicting responses and I've gotten to the point where I'm mainly confused.
Not to take away from this site, but there are a few other sites that may be able to offer more information. Follow the rules and things should work out fine.

Oh, and if you have a G35, you don't need a fast Tib......
Originally posted by Rixshark
Oh, and if you have a G35, you don't need a fast Tib......
A) Who said anything about "needing" a fast Tib.
B) Technically I don't "need" a G35 either.
C) Thanx for the link, I'll look around on there too...

Oh, a few more things if you're interested in the Veilside Kit

1) Don't buy the "Veilside" Kit off of Ebay, its not the real thing and could end up costing you more to make it fit that the true Veilside kit. Mine is a knock off and there are some fitment issues that I'm always dealing with.

2) The Veilside kit doesn't allow much clearance for daily driving. I do, and it scrapes all the time and limits where I can go. Not only that, you can pick up garbage off the street with it.

3) Keep in mind, you don't have to have a full kit. My sides and rear are from the Zefiro kit. I have the full Zefiro kit, so I can swap the front bumpers when I feel that I'm going to need better clearance. This year I'm trying to keep the VS front strictly for show.

4) Removing the rear seats and doing the 2 seater conversion is cool and looks awesome if you do it right.......I'm only throwing that out there because I recently did it and its awesome.

Don't be offended when the RDTiburon guys refer to the Veilside front as a "cow catcher".
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Thanx much Rix!

I appreciate the info. Don't worry, I'm too much of a stickler for quality to buy anything from Ebay, unless it's a nearly impossible item to find anywhere else. I have the money to not have to "bargain shop" when it comes to this project. I'm using the Tib for my daily driver only for about 6 months or so until I pay it off clean and then I'm using it strictly for shows, so the VS kit shouldn't be a problem. I've been looking at full hydro kits (minimum 4 switches is what I want), so the clearance shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully. As for removing the rear seats, I plan to do that eventually, but not until I move into the audio area and stack the back with nothing but audiophile equipment. I'm looking to do a full Rockford Fosgate (POWER HX2s - 1k RMS a piece) set up with 4 12"s and at least 2 10"s in the back. Should still be plenty of room for future NOS or other custom upgrades w/o the rear seats.

Thanx again for the info and, anybody else out there, I'll take any advice that I can get. I'm a fast learner, but there's so much I've got to learn! If you want to know what other parts I've picked out already, let me know and I'll divulge what I've found that I like and/or want for this Tib. Give me a year or two and watch the competitions...

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