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Hi everyone! My name is Johnson, this is my first post/thread so im going to introduce myself (You probably dont care) and ask a question...

Im 19, I live in West Palm Beach, Florida, im Asian, and this isnt my first car. My first car was a 97' twin turbo Lexus SC300. Why I sold it you ask? Well it was because I got into an accident in someone elses car (I was passanger) and I was in a coma for a month, and in the hospital for two months, and by the time I got back home, I still couldnt drive because doctors ordered it, because they said my reaction time was too slow (I had extreme brain damage) so I sold the car to a lucky bastard :mad: and now I got me a 2003 Hyundai Accent GL hatchback. Its not a TT Lexus, but...Hey its a car! Im lucky to be even alive!

Well that was my "introduction" so im ganna ask the question, which name do you guys think is better: Sarah, Ashley, or Hannah?

And what do you name your cars?
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