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There's this awesome flash game called Ray,
for now it consist's of part 1 and 2........2 just came out
part 1 came out last year like in sept 2003

you're Ray,a Hitman For Hire and you run job's by your "friend" he give's you job's and equipment
this game run's on a multiple choice system,
different answer's lead to different ending's and scenes

choose from weapon's like,shotguns,MP5's,grenades,knife and fiber wire,
dual desert eagles and More

go to
click on Flash Portal, one of the big yellow six button's on the middle top section

Next,you'll see three big column's full of various flash games,
go to the right column and click on Entry Number "7" Ray-Part 2

next,click the "PLAY THIS GAME Button on the mid upper right side

ENJOY!!don't forget to play part 1 also

Note:Contain's strong violence,brief Nudity and ton's of blood and gore.not for-18
also,for those of you running slow Pc's, during thegame right click on the game window and select quality and select Low or medium

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