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Need Advice On CD Player......

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okay..I'm looking for a cheap cd player for my winter car. (Gotta have tunes...) I stumbled across this website ( and they have a Panasonic CQ-DFX301U for only $130. Here are the specs:

<img src="" border=0>

<li>CD Player/Receiver</li>
<li>4-channel high power amp (45W x 4 max.)</li>
<li>2V front/rear dual preamp-outs @ 200 ohms</li>
<li>Playback compatible with digital audio CD-R (when disc is finalized)</li>
<li>Hologram pickup</li>
<li>One-chip digital circuit</li>
<li>1-bit 4-DAC digital-to-analog conversion</li>
<li>Multi-stage noise shaping</li>
<li>Digital servo optical control</li>
<li>12-track direct access, track scan, search, repeat and random play</li>
<li>Anti-shock floating mechanism</li>
<li>Auto loading mechanism</li>
<li>Alpha tuner V</li>
<li>FM Optimizer (FMO), Adaptive FM Front End (AFE) and Impulse Noise Quieting (INQ)</li>
<li>Level meters</li>
<li>Open face CD access</li>
<li>Removable faceplate with flashing warning light</li>
<li>Wireless remote control</li>

So my question this a good unit for the price? I have always had good results with Panasonics, and I'd like to stick with them. This unit looks cool, and the price is really good. But I need to know if you guys think it's worth it to buy this.

Thanx for the help! <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
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go with a lower model alpine. they arent as cheap as that but in my opinion alpines are the best cd players ever made. the headunit you are looking at isnt bad though. do me a favor and stay away from sony though, their new line of products are not up to par.
-Erik<img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

did you just lose to an auto 4spd? i think you did...
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