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need help 4g63t

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hey guys and girls I resently acquired a 1992 elantra gls 5 speed (1.6l dohc) and theres enough wrong with the engine that I want to just swap in a 4g63t from a talon but I have some questions.

what all do I need to modify/change?

can I use the stock tranny or is it not advised?

can I use my current wiring harness?

are there any tips for this swap?

and lastly I wouldn't mind hearing from some hyundai/4g63t owners on results and how it feels and such if at all possible.
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check the hybrid forum, theres tons of answers there
also, check out

There's some pertenent information there, too. The mitsu mirage is pretty much the same car.
A friend of mine in AZ is doing a sonata to a Turbo 2.4 DOHC. Here is a a link to his homepage, alot of useful info here too. Im on my 4th 2.4 DOHC conversion as we speak. Just dropped the block off at the machine shop for work.

1991 Hyundai Sonata GLS - 2.4 G4CS DOHC Turbo Automatic Project
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