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Okay I just bought myself a 96' Hyundai Accent GT 5speed manual, 1.5L, DOHC 4Cylinder, 16Valve. I need help finding some parts. Such as Rims 15"-16", Body Kit/ Styling, Wings/ Spoilers, Exhaust(Throaty exhaust), Engine tuning(to get more HP), Aftermarket headlights, Aftermarket Tailights. Pretty much anything to make this car look and sound bad ass, I got laughed at by sum ppl when they heard I bought this car, I wanna rub there noses in it. I looked everywhere pretty much for stuff, but found nothing.
Would like parts that are in Canada or that are close enough to ship that it doesnt break my wallet.
Thanks, you can email, or post your replies of parts lists or places to [email protected]:)

Or any parts that will work with my car, from other cars

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start in the newbie forum, lots of good info, and anything else you might want to look up you'll find by doing a search. good luck with your accent and welcome to the forums!

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I bought most of my stuff from Canadian Tire. Some things I got customized though. Exhaust from crappy tire. I got the 129.00 Exhaust.. Reactive with the horn to put in from there. I got the Reactive High Flow air filter from there.. Some rubber I grabbed from Hewitts Auto Motive and they custom Bent me some pipe for it. They did my head work also that costed me 150.00. The high flow cat I had from another car that my husband is working on at the moment. My forced induction that some people say is not worth the money I paid for only costed me 75.00 and does work rather impressively. Since it was put to it's paces by the owner of Hewitts Auto MOtive. Rims my husband had on a shelf at his shop for over 9 years. Throttle body was reworked on by my husband that owns his own garage for the last 7 years. Yah your thinking rims on shelf for 9... Well he bought out the previous owner. His current mod is a 86 Lincoln Continental Sig Series. Lowered with Air ride and bigger rims and stuff.. Looks good but blew the engine last week. I do not think I have more then 1500 into my car. I painted myself. I did the pin stripping. One of those little piss off the husband thing becasue he said I couldn't do it.. I'm to prissy he says.
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thanks alot, i was hopin sumone would post sumthin helpful on here. no one really did in the newbie forum. im just gunna do alot of the work myself, although im not prissy hahaha but i am very mechanically inclined.
thanks again, keep goin on your accent, it looks decent8D:D
what is this $75 forced induction system you have that actually works?
That electric supercharger. Dont buy it.. it is crap. They just dont listen. lol
Electric Superchargers are PIECES OF ****!!!!!!!

I'll agree that the first one din't do very much. I only had about 250 cfms on a staight section of tub that did go straight the the throttle body.. But found one that pushes about 750 cfm and it does work. Again out of the hole not when you half way down the track. In town in the lights.. it works well.. Light to light. Not saying it would work the full quarter.
i never intended to buy one, was just curious...
There is a section were guys took the coolant lines that are undr the throttle body and by pass them back into each other.. Haven't done it but going to today and see if works. Suppose to be alot better throttle response.
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