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Need help

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The 01 Tib (60K Mi) I bought about a month ago was fine, and then a couple problems came up:

1) The tachometer shows the revs actually rising when I push the clutch in, and after a while of driving it will actually stay at 3000 or more rpms at idle (it's not a tach problem because the engine is definately reving...)

2) I moved to Flagstaff, Arizona; which is at 7000ft (on a mountain)... my car squeals constantly when I'm driving it at low speeds (once at idle i just reved the engine to 3000 or so and it didnt make the noise while I was reving it... it did it a little more when I turned the wheel)

I took the car back to the dealership and they replaced the mass air flow sensor and plugs and cleaned the throttle... nothing's changed [They made me pay $400 for that].

I took it back again for the squealing problem... they said they wouldn't fix it, and I thought it was the power steering because I noticed a leak in the hose... after threatening to sue them they replaced the power steering hose, but once I got back to Flagstaff I had the same problem, so obviously the hose leak was unrelated... I am no longer allowed in the dealership due to the situation of me yelling at a bunch of middle aged men...

Could someone please help with all of the problems?
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i know my belt was squiking bad because the altinator belt needed to be tightened so u can try that. Now i think the belt to my power stearing pump is getting loose caus it squiles when i turn the wheelas far to the right or left as it can go.

About the reving, Im not too sure. Mine does the same thing only it bobs between 1500 and 2k rpms
The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that the squealing only happens here in Flagstaff; which is 7000 ft and Phoenix is around 2000 ft, it's either the altitude or the weather; it's 40-60 degrees in Flagstaff and 80-100 in Phoenix...
Solution! Remove the power steering pump, thats what I did. Try appying some belt dressing.
My 97 has idling problems as well, same problem as you mention. The engine will pick up when idle or when clutch is in. Since I'm not sure where the problem lies, and 3 years later even, if still does it randomly and goes away by itself. About the revving, a post I dug up in search: I'm not used to this forum design so its all cluttered, sorry for that.Power steering belts on mine also squel quite frequently. Usually it means time to replace. Especially if you are unsure to when it was last replaced. The problem gets worse in cold or wet weather.If after it is replaced or the belt was newly installed recently, and it still squeels, they sell belt dressing in auto stores like coal forge suggested. I use this myself to quiet the constant noise from this belt.But make sure the belt is in good condition, don't use this dressing as a way to prolong a worn belt.Here's a post about the power steering belt:
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