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I own a Vr6 golf 1996, i am surprise to see the futur tiburon model.

I think the car look nice.

Any one have spec about that car?

Like torque, Hp, 1/4 miles, 0/60 ......

Also i want an honest response: how is the quality of hyundai? compare to american, japanese, european. Because I am tired of volks, the performance are awsome but the quality is soso.

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We don't have specific info on the US-Spec Tuscani yet. We do know that Korea's is 175hp, 2.7L V6, but I've been assured by HMA that we will have more here.

I'll be posting pictures of the car up later tonight, including the full brochure from Korea.

As for quality, I'm one of the few in the U.S. that have seen the new Tib, and it's quality is amazing. The interior is stunning in person. I didn't get a chance to touch the inside, but the leather seats looked nice and smooth and the dash looked solidly built. As far as more recent models, the XG300 is a perfect display of Hyundai's recent car quality. It's interior is VERY comparable to that of a Lexus. The Accent's interior is better designed and uses better materials than that of the 2K1 Civic even.

I would recommend taking a trip to a Hyundai dealership and taking a look at the new Elantra and Elantra GT; possibly even test drive it. They are built using pretty much the same processes that will go into the Tuscani.

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