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Need input on Weapon R's Dragon intake

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I'm thinking of buying a Weapon R Dragon intake for my Elantra GT (automatic). I would like any input I could get on this intake, and the ram air kits.
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dont make the same mistake i did,... its not worth it
all you will get is a universal type kit that isnt even for hyundais
get kore's, mhp, or the upcoming shark racing CAI
i think AOS sells one too
anyways, dont get the weapon R
BTW, you wont be getting that pretty looking thing they advertise,... all you will get is an elbow with 3 rubber hoses,... i got the cold air ram kit
but if your hard headed about it,... i would be willing to sell it to you
my intake is practically new

$hit happens...
ok those of you who said the weapon r is for looks either have bad taste or have never seen these puppies on a tibby
sorry but you drive a hyundai and F***en weapon r doesnt care much about us, so they wont make us a decent pipe
so they give you this
The Weapon-R Ram air kit.
<img src="" border=0>

The Weapon-R Ram air kit.
<img src="" border=0>

hey green chaos,... what were you smoking???

**** happens...
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ok leftside ryder,... be easy on him. i dont think he knew what he was talking about
as for the weapon r insults
yes we know it sucks
BUT I STILL OWN ONE DAMNIT, and ive gotten attached to the poor bastard,... it has been modified lately with the help of random, so now it gives me a good amount of nice cold air

btw, i didnt buy it so it can match my engine,... at the time i thought it was the only intake out there for my car
oh well
lesson well learned

$hit happens...
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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