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hey, just got my car diagnosed. it needs a new 2nd O2 sensor, which, for some reson i was hoeping it'd be, considering its got 63K on it. Anyways..the dude told me 200 bucks total, and if i just buy the sensor it'd be like 180. i think thats kinda nuts, so i decided to check

they have them for like 80-100 bucks, but there are like 4 differnt listings, even when i search by VIN.

so, ive leisted al the stuff below, and im wonderin which one for a 98 accent gsi (sohc 1.5) ..and are there any that are BETTER to have than stock? like say, sensors that'd fit a tiburon...or sensors for a 2k-2k1 accent? i really have no clue.

key no.- 39210 part no.- 39210-22020 descrip.- SENSOR ASSY-OXYGEN option codes- +2SB

key no.- 39210A part no.- 39210-22030 descrip.- SENSOR ASSY-OXYGEN option codes- +2SB

key no.- 39210A part no.- 39210-22051 descrip.- SENSOR ASSY-OXYGEN option codes- +2SA

key no.- 39210B part no.- 39210-22026 descrip.- SENSOR ASSY-OXYGEN(CCC) option codes- +2SA (WHAT DOES CCC MEAN? somethin with cali?)

thanks for any help!

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This is beyond me. Id call up your dealership and ask them what part number it is that they say you need.

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