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I am putting a new engine in my 1997 Tiburon. The new engine is a 1999; all models 1997 through 01 should be the same or very similar. I was wondering if anyone could post of pic or two of the hoses that run off of the ECFI (electronic fuel injector) and surrounding area. I am getting very confused by the mass of hoses, and the book doesn't help all that much. A pic or two of the overall engine would be great as well. No disassembly required, and this would be a HUGE help.

Below is a picture of the engine before I dropped it in. Red caps show hose locations.

There are several hoses that need connecting, but below are the two that I am having the most problems with. This picture is from before I dropped the engine in. From what I understand the top one is the heater hose, but I don't know where it connects to. I also don't know where the other one goes; there is a split, and I don't know where either goes.

Here is the same picture, but after I dropped the engine in.

Here is a picture from the top of the throttle body/fuel injector

Here is a picture of what I understand to be the vacuum motor. Can anyone tell me where the cable bolts to?

Here is an overall picture of my new engine; almost there.

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