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I am in a bind because it seems that lowering my suspension on my 03 Elantra GLS is impossible, with-out shelling out close to 2,000 dollars. The springs aren't the problem it's the struts and shocks. The only way I have been able to find is either by, paying for expensive KYB shock and strut kits (that i can't even find for both front and rear), or the really expensive coilovers. I know there is a cheaper way of lowering my car and stiffening my suspension. Please some one help me so I can autocross this next season.

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I know this doesn't help a whole lot but they are only 1200

and you could probably find some better ones or cheaper ones if you really looked, or piece together your own.
Check the groupbuy section for the ksports, they are going for 850 for the full coilovers. They are great. has all 4 struts even if they don't list them. Send them an email.
thanx guys i will try all those suggestions
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