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negative camber?

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Just finished installing the kyb's and eibach springs. I was wondering if anyone who has/had this setup could tell me how to get rid of the negative camber. I bought the camber adjusting bolts +/- 1 degrea and the alignment guy says the best he can do is -1.38 through -1.40 on the camber all the way around. So do any of you know a different way to adjust the camber on these besides making the upper holes more of an oval shape and using the oe bolts with a sliding technique. Which is what he recomended. Or is it possible to get another set of camber bolts to use in the bottum hole to counteract the top camber adjusting bolt and is this safe/possible? any help would be appriated. On the upside it is a much better ride:)

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you can get another set of bolts to counter the front. me personally, i would wait to see how your tires wear. negative camber helps with handling, and those numbers are right around exactly where you want it for normal spirited driving. i just got done rotating my tires with more negative camber than that and they look fine.
Yeah, neg camber is GOOD for driving, BAD for tires. I say fvck the tires, and go outcorner some vettes. Yes, and i hung with a GT-3 porche.. well.. till he had a straight, but i could corner with him. :D G-tech says .97 in a corner.
You can use a second set of bolts. This is actually what Ingalls recommends.
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