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New accent owner, hello

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Just thought i'd say hello to all the hyundai people out here. Just picked up a 2 door 98 accent. Nice little cars. About to search to find out the bolt pattern 4X ?. Post it up if you want to save me some time.
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First off, welcome!!

Your car is an X3 (chassis code)...the bolt pattern is 4x113mm.
Good luck, and happy tuning!

Thanks for the welcome Tim, and the bolt pattern.
Hello and welcome. Please read the stickies and use the search function as most of the questions you have.. have been answered over...and over..and over.. and over.. again. =)

You can start here:

and read the Accent Forums stickies also.

Grats on the Purchase.
It is about time you got a real car, just kidding welcome to the boards
Hello and welcome to the forums.
welcome to the boards
Thanks for the welcome everyone, i'll try and post some pics up pretty soon.
Where in Canada are you from? Don't forget to post a shout out in the Canada forum and meet others in your area.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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