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New exhaust, whadday think?

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Yeah, so im catless. Got rid of the old pussy. :D

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Whatya think?

The old one...

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It was ALOT quieter.

Just driving around with the new exhaust. Can you tell i have no life???
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Its so frigging loud tho.. you cant tell cause its overrideing that little microphone in the camera. Im going to try and do a better vid soon.
not bad what type is it???????
4-2-1 header -> 2 1/4 stailless steel pipe -> no cat -> twister racing muffler -> glasspack -> 3 inch crome tip.

Made er myself. Quite proud of my weilder.
looks pretty quick, do u have any kills?
Sounds much better than my open downpipe :lol: I gotta get some exhaust! Sounds great!
Originally posted by accentedeclipse
looks pretty quick, do u have any kills?
Kills?!? Shyt.. where do i begin? They never expect the hyundai to own them. He he.. I didnt even get on it on the two new videos. The old one was good, but my car was MUCH slower then. he he.. new vid should come out after the July meet.
Hahah nevermind,, I see it on your profile thing... hehe sorry
you shift too early. Even though youre just cruisin, still you shift too early.

but sounds nice.
Dood, thats like 3 grand in the cruise. And yeah, if the shifts sound bad, its cause umm... stage 4 clutch grabs like a sonabitch.

Thats also 40 mph, uh huh. 3k in 3rd=40.

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