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New GS owner and question about wheels

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Just recently bought a new 2006 Tiburon GS in black with manual tranny and love it..The power is great though maybe lacking slightly with the AC on sometimes. Might do some minor tweaking in the future but mostly was thinking MPG's when buying the 4 cyl....Can't have it all...Averaged 28.2 MPG on the last tank of mostly city and hilly Tennesse country driving, some interstate..Also I'm 6ft tall and felt a little cramped in one with the sunroof (only about 3/4 inch head room)....

My question is..It came with the 16" alloy's of course but I bought a set of like new 2006 17" Tiburon GT wheels and put on it...Looks much better..I'm going to be selling the 16" wheels and was wondering if any of you guys know what other vehicles they will fit on as a selling point...Did a search on here but no luck...Or is there a web site that may have cross ref information about such????..Thanks...
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fords and dodges
make sure you say small bolt ford
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