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hey guys i havn't been here for like 2 years now or something close to that i was under another name but i can't even remember it but anyways toneboogie you might remember me im just gonna say whats up to all here and say whats done to my car

im from pennsylvania and everything is illegal here, my license is suspended untill 2004 lol to much damn raceing but saves me alot of money to start working on my car..damn 3000 dollers saved from paying insurance anyways

99 hyundai elantra
silver paint job with a tint of blue pearl added
tenzo raceing air intake
stock hubcaps lol
fully funtional hood scoop
side air vents
interior dash and door panels done in blue all the air vents airbag area center consol door handels done in silver
blue neon's all over
aero speed exaust
HAD 2 10's pioneers in a bandpass box with a california gold amp and a clarion head unit..main part there is HAD..stolen
big bore throttle body
a couple vinal stickers on windsheild back window and a biohazard blue vinal signia on the gas door uhhm hmm i think thats it

also in the very near near future i will be haveing a huge airbrushing project done to my car it's gonna be a huge dragon ripping out of my hood with it's head on my hood scoop and fire comeing out of the hood scoop onto my front bumper with it's wings and claws ripping through my doors onto the is amazeing looking and for only 400's great knowing airbrush artists...also if you live near me and would like something done airbrush wise say something to me beacause the guy that will be doing mine does great great work and charges a great low price..believe me this easily could of cost me 1200 dollers to get done
future...hope one day they make a cuda kit of the 99 elantra lol yea right
silver rims
short shifter kit

those are my first three when i get them i'll add more future plans lol

also in the next year and a half im going to start actually a import parts and rims buisness i have a partner with money so im good now if anyone live around the eastern part of pennsylvania and have a very high knowledge of import parts and would mabey even like to come in as a third partner please say something!

<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

anybody that wants to see my ride e-mail me
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