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New LC2 Sport grill

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Has anyone seen this?
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Damnit.. Figures.. Lol Here is the info I got from them if anybody is interested.


We will be finalizing prices in the next few days, but we are expecting them to come in at :

Unpainted A$ 220* A$ 200 overseas customers

Painted A$ 330* A$ 300 overseas customers

Carbon Fibre A$ 330* A$ 300 overseas customers

* The initial price shown is for Australian customers who have to pay a GST (goods and services tax) of 10%, however for customers overseas this is not charged.

Shipping to the USA will be around A$55

The current exchange rate is around A$1.00 = US$ 0.77

We may be offering a 10% discount on all orders placed prior to 30 June, but can let you know more in the next few days.

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looks cool but i'm nix the lazy H
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