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New Tibby

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ive gotten a 2000 tibby recently and its an awesome car.

car is totally stock but im wanting to do some work on it. my biggest question is how much hp i can get out of the tibby. Im trying to decide if i want to put money into my car or save and get a tuscan or some other car and spend my money making that fast. A friend of mine with an s14(240sx) was recomending i get another car when i can but im kinda fond of the tiburon so if i can make it fast ill stick with it. what do you guys suggest? what can i expect to get from the tiburon? if i keep the tiburon im going to get a new CAI and a new exaust manifold. after that i am looking to add a turbo(ill need a new manifold with a waste gate) or a supercharger. If i add a turbo/supercharger to the car how much hp(estimate) would i gain? ive been looking into this one;cate=010903000 but you guys must know a better/cheaper kit. Or should i build the kit my self? buy everything from different companies and get it cheaper that way. im open to suggestions.
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Well if you want a lot of hp you are going to have to go turbo or supercharger. I personally thing that turbo would be more efficent. They have a lot of guys who have custom built thier own turbo kits for less then any kit ull ever find. I havent done it yet but ive been reading about it and plan on doing it in the near future. The best way to learn what u want and what u need is by reading the forums in the forced induction part of the forums.
how much hp gain am i going to get from a turbo like the one in that link?
Well the link isnt working, but if you are talking about the stage one i would think it would put u over 200 with no problem. But with that kit, you will need to get ur ECU tuned also.
well my freind sky is the limit like any other car there are drag car that have 800hp .... with the 2.0L

so money is your limit you can get as much hp as you want :) there are a decend amount of turbo part for the 2.0L so it'Ms fairly easy to make it turbo :)

for the car it self i personaly love that Car with a set of good tire the handling is awsome ;) and braking to is really nice it's a really really good track car i think :cool:
agreed. the 00-01 tib is a great base set up to make a pretty good car. its pretty balanced with good feedback thru the pedals and steering wheel. the tranny is still holding strong even with autox and hard driving. the motor is strong with fairly high revs and even power distribution. as far as potential, it got that too. pistons and rods may not be as cheap as ones for b18's or other popular japanese motors but its not bad, so a turbo project is def. and option. all ive done is cai, header, and a few other small things and i am more than pleased with the response to those modifications. build quality also seems to be up to par, just a few rattles here and there. i have a 01 tibby with 97k miles now and it still runs just as good as it did with 30k on it.
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