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New to Hyundai and need some info.

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whats up all new to Hyundai and need some quick info...Have a chance to pick up a 95 accent x3 1.5l worked with this motor a bit b4 on my mirage same layout... Is there ne serious companys who do gut work on them and what motors swap out with it.... have alot of spare parts from my mirage build up turbos intercooler BOV... Looked through the store and didnt see anything to beef up internals.I think Rpw does a bit for hyundai's to but there pricy and slow on ship.. so to make it short what i need to know is this.

1. aftermarket performance production companies (engine internals,tranny and headers)
2. internals swapable between models or engine drops that dont take major modding (motor mount moving etc...) try to give me engine codes to plz

thank you all
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everyone seems to do the beta swap which is a hyundai elantra or tiburon if you go to the hybrid forum u can learn more about it. And welcome to the boards
welcome also...... best bet find a cheep 2.0 tibby around where you live and like A.E. said do a beta swap.... they should be an exact match..... but dont quote me on that... i'm waiting 8 more years until my warrenty is up...... for sites got to:
or here
.... not to sure about anywhere else...........
good luck
excellent guys....found alot of the stuff i needed besides underdrive pully for 1.5 sohc.. ne others switch out with other models and where can i get low comp pistonsand rings found my header and fuel supply need to lower compression for my T25... And thank you for sites got more crap for the hyundai 1.5 then mitsu lol.... Anyone have probs with getting parts shipped from across seas, dot wanna pay 400 for a header and have to eat 500 import tax... thank you

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