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Finally replaced the Accent I sold a couple of years ago with a clean low mile, 2002 Accent GSi. I have already added a few goodies, short ram intake, 16" wheels (used) and 205/45/16 tires (used) and wheel spacers to help with some clearance issues.
When I brought her home...

Adding the new shoes...

Just a few shots of my "new" car enjoyment...

My new suspension is due for delivery on April 29!
My intercooled, turbo setup is waiting in the shop!
This is supposed to be a low buck project just to have a little fun and so far she fits the bill perfectly! So far I'm into it for $4500 (CAD) including the purchase of the car!
This is going to be a fun year. I plan on hitting up a few local auto X and drag racing events this summer.
Stay tuned (no pun intended) for updates...
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