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possibly sold on HP.

from Fxtreme....
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MrFrieze -
We do have a web page - but no Kit onf on there at the moment :-( you will find it at or

We are in discussions with some suppliers in the US and EU about stocking our kits for your markets, and so far nothing has been finalized. In the mean time you are able to get the kits directly from us. The pricing will also be slightly cheaper at the moment until we can get a distributor/dealer pricing structure together.

We have also thought about this kit and decided to include a brake upgrade in it aswell. This will inlude the slotted discs aswell as pads.

So in essence what you are getting is as follows:-

Turbonetics Turbo, Exhaust manifold, Pistons replacements (ONLY included in the Hybrid kit) Downpipe, Intercooler, Blow off valve, Engine management system, Extra injector, Charge piping, Clutch, 18 row oil cooler and steel braided hose with all fittings (this is ONLY included in the Hybrid kit)Water and oil feed and return pipes to and from the turbo, ALL fittings, clamps, sylicon connector hoses, head gaskets, head spacer, and also now brake upgrade also! The slotted discs are Power Brake discs (excellent product!) and Green Stuff Version 4 EBC pads.

This is a COMPLETE KIT and anyone that has a relatively complete set of tools and knows both ends of a spanner will be able to install this kit in about 2 - 3 days depending on experience and know-how.

Also depending on the kit version you choose, you will not need to replace pistons or rods. If you choose the basic kit you will still get all the above mentioned products and wil notneed to replace the pistons or rods.

If you choose the stronger kit you will get pistons included in the kit aswell as all of the above plus an 18Row Oil cooler and steel braided hose aswell!

Now the two kits we are planning on selling are a smaller T3 version that is able to produce 250 plus HP and the Hybrid kit which has a T3/T4 hybrid turbo with oil cooler and piston replacements and will be able to produce 300HP plus. This is all at 0.7bar boost (+ - 9PSI) if the boost is cranked up you should be able to produce up to 20% more power and torque from these kits. Remember that these kits will come with an already mapped file loaded onto the management system - although fully programmable via a laptop or PC using a serial cable. So this is also a huge time saver and also will have very safe and reccomended settings on the units for your projects safety.

We are still thinking about including a pisto replacement into the basic kit also - will let you all know once we decide.

The costs of these kits will be around these price brackets. (sorry for all the changes but we are trying to compile a kit that is un-touchable and also the most cost effective kit available - WITHOUT compromising the quality!)

T3 Kit (as above) --- $2850.00
T3/T4 hybrid Kit (as above) --- $3350.00

Argarwal - we won't essentially be too interested to sell just an I/C and ECU kit as such, but instead a complete Turbo kit as a whole, instead we are trying to create a kit that includes everything for such an affordable price that no-body will just want the I/C and ECU.

For now if there is a market for it, I am more than happy to provide it with the I/C and ECU setup - still no pricing from the manufacturer on the I-chip system.

Shipping, I am stil waiting for pricing from the shipping agents, I am shopping for tha best deals and have asked more than 3 shipping companies for estimated quotes.

Barry - Howzit china (S.A lingo coming through here ) Things are well this side, I am in JHB - Gauteng Province GP = Gangsters paradise... hehe

Well dude - once you have made up your mind, let me know, I will also be updating the web page as soon as time allows and will include pics of a complete kit aswell.

Other than that - go check out Argarwal's site where he posted the pics of our Turbo Tibby - enjoy.

Sorry we have chopped and changed the kits contents so much, just that we want to include as much as possible to provide a total package for the enthusiast who would like to build his own Tibby.

Let me know your thoughts guys.<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size=1 id=quote>

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