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Hey every whats going on my name is Glok...And im looking to buy a Tiburon V6 GT...I drove one last night and i was really surprised with its performance and i fell in love...:D...I just wanna know the ins and outs of the Tiburon...Like what should i look for ive im buying a used one....I might buyit new tho in the Sunbrust Orange...I drive a VW Jetta right now i love VAG<~Volkswagen Audi Group....I love German cars...But i think its time for a change...But yea thanks for all your help
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Like what do you want to know? How to make it fast?

Easy power = V-6 with a supercharger, youll go fast enough. Like, beat SRT-4's with 26 psi turbos, and knock off GTO's with 100 shot.

Mad crazy power = I-4 with the biggest turbo you can get. Talking about killing anything you can find on the street.. if you can get the tires to hook up.

Does that help?

Buy one, you know you want to. Try to find the Orange Crush color ones.. looks like this..

Thats the sexiest color known to man kind.. But uber uber rare. I dont think the color is over two years old. Not sure.
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I wanna go fast enough to beat a few people around here theres 3 people on my list one drive a Nissan 300Z TT, the other 99 Honda Civic SI turbo and the last, is a 2004 Chevy Cav Ecotec turbo...But thats not the only reason why i want this car its cuz for once i like a car thats not German...But yea i wanna go fast and looking good while doing it too...Which motor will i get the most power from with minor mods(Exhaust,CAI,headers,cams,Chip,Spray maybe)just that no F/I....
V-6 all the way. The 4 will get you there, but the 6 just kills.

If you have the money, and want to freak them out, go get an Azera, those things are freaking fast..
Do you know neone who has the Ixion Juno Lip Kit on the Tib from the pic i saw on the site its hot...I like to keep things simple i dont like big sweeping lines i things to be nice clean and simple...And i was just wondering about the fitment if it fit good and if install was easy....Not a big fan of the Azera...tho...How much money do you think i would need to have it running around low 13s high 12s????
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