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yeah i just wrecked mine and im having body work done to it, but when i get it back, there are still some things im looking for. i would like to get some custom gagues or indiglo ones if i can find them. maybe a short shifter, i already have a cold air intake, i want to possibly turbo charge it (if that is safe) i guess if you can do it to an eclips you can do it to an elantra but after how much ill be spending on the repair work and my tickets i wont be looking at turbos atleast for a few months. i was curious about the underdrive pulley... someone was saying there are some negative effects of putting one on there. i already know where i am getting my exhaust and ive been considering dualing it out. its going to be faster than hell when im done with it.

elantra.... i love this car, she's a speed demon waiting to be unleashed.
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