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Well, they accepted the charge, then a week later we called to see when the parts would get here.
They said they would ship it in two days (8 days after the order was placed), then later that same day charged us again, but never sent the parts.
Then when we called them two weeks after we first placed the order to find out where the parts were and why they charged us twice, they tell us neither of the charges went through, then they say it was rejected because of the address or something like that, but our bank account is down exactly two times the amount of the charge, and we still don't have the parts!
That second (unauthorized) charge pulled our bank account too low to make the friggen house payment, and now we cant afford to buy them until the money is put back!!

The lame as hell dealership does not sell outer axle boots?!
That is without a doubt a wear part they should stock!

Anyone know where I can get a correct outer axle boot, NOT one of those "junk" one size fits all, thin as paper, parts store boots?
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