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Cool.. just be careful, this is almost propoganda.. note the title "Sun advertising writer"
Props to hyundai, but that part of the paper I regard as advertisement.. you see Acura advertising themselves, toyota dealership advertising themselves, writing about the quality of their own dealership.
Just take it with a grain of salt.

Dude, USD doesn't convert BAM to CDN..
for example, take the Prelude.
23,600 to 26,100 USD(according to carpoint)
Now taking the EXTREMELY low rate of 1.50CDN to 1 USD, you get $35,400 to 39,150
(its more like 1.60+ now, GRRRR!)
However it retails here for 28,300 to 29,300 CDN.
Simply because if the 'lude was near 40k, noone would buy it in canada, esp when we got the tib at 19,500 MSRP (base)
ITs not a straight conversion.
Yes, some US guys near the border DO take advantage of this.. roadtrip up north, buy a shiny new car, roadtrip back down south.. doing that on the 'lude you would save nearly 10k canadian dollars.
arent you glad to have us as friends now? :p

As for the $199 lease even in canada thats a bit low for something like the tib I do think theres a trick to it.. ie massive down payment, and get you in fees. but its possible.
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