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Nexiq usb link 2 for sale
Posted on 2018-08-10 by sales
emmm… I’m talking about Nexiq usb link 2 China Clone for sale ($189.00)

(The Nexiq USB Link 2, part number 124032, is the most popular adapter used with commercial trucks. Nexiq usb link 2 with all the cables such as the 9-pin, 6-pin, and OBDII cable setup.)

How to choose nexiq usb link truck diagnostic tool and cables?:
Item NO. name Weight Bluetoth case packing Hot Selling
SH27 Nexiq 1.7 no yes ★★★★★
SH27-B Nexiq 1.7 no carton ★★★★★
SH27-W Nexiq 2.3 Yes Yes ★★★★★
SH72 NEXIQ-2 1.5 yes carton ★★★★★
SH72-B NEXIQ-2 1.5 no carton ★★★★
SH27-E VXTRUCKS (Red) 2.7 Yes Yes ★★★
SH27-E2 VXTRUCKS(Blue) 2.7 yes carton ★★★
All of nexiq are same functions,they are just from different factory.
sh27, sh27-b, sh27-w are the same,just the package case is different,and sh27 is with case packing, sh27-b is with bluetooth, only sh27-w with both bluetooth and case,
sh72 and sh72-b are the same factory,the bluetooth is different,one is with plastic case,one not.
sh27-w and sh27-e2 are the same facture, and only color is different.

Nexiq USB Link 2 Original for sale ($699.00)

original:Nexiq usb link 2 for sale –
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