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Nice FIND! Must WATCH!

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Found this little video in the Hyundai Archives
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whoa, you have to prep me before you show videos like this, i just made a huge mess lol. Great find
old, have that on my server somewhere.

still a cool video

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Aww ****.. its all over the keyborad... maaaan.. that shyt gets all sticky when it dries.

But a WW on that, come on, show some decencty
How is that in need of a work warning? Besides the fact that we all spooged when we saw it.
Its a joke.. jezee.. sacrasm.
this is like... huh huh the coolest thing i have ever seen
Still love this video, saw it way back when....when I couldn't drive. Does anyone know the specs for the ralley car?
Damn you g/f told me to wait till tonight! ;):

I have that posted on my myspace. Sick video.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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