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Being I built my last project car for nitrous I think I have a good feel for Spary. So I thought I would put in my 2 cents. May diffrent things pay into nitrous problems. motor condition, wet or dry kit, timming ect........

1)Refer to Nitrous systems as spray, nitrous or juice. Altho N.O.S. stands for Nitrous Oxide System it is also a brand.and a bad brand at that.

2)I found Nitrous Express to be the most reliable kits on the market.

3)IMO Always use a wet kit. Its better to be safe then sorry. Also being most Nitrous kits have you put the nozzel after the MAF sensor you car won't know to dump more fuel in until tis too late.

4) Nitrous backfire is bad!! Nitrous backfires can be caused by two situations. A nitrous system that is two rich or a system that atomizes the fuel poorly, thus causing pooling or puddling of fuel in the intake manifold. 2. A system that is operated too lean.

5)Fuel pressure safety switch, window switch, WOT switch, high octane gas and purge kits are great upgrades and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs!

And lastly......
6) How much can I run on a stock motor? Most companys say its safe to run 50% more then the stock HP. So if your stock H.P. is 100 you can add a 50 shot to produce a total of 150H.P. I play it safe and just do 1/4 of the stock H.P.

I'll be adding a 50-75 shot to my new 2006 sonata shortly. I will let everyone know how it works out.
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