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No crank No start

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Guy's I have a problem on my Accent that sometimes when you start the car it will just clik but no crank or start. but if you keep on trying to start it will start. :(

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sounds like you need a new battery.....or you ignition is gone...happened to me on my old accent, I had too much weight on the keys with key chains and stuff
Loose or dirty battery cables. My car did it once. Just tightend down the cables and cleaned them with bakingsoda and water. And poof. No problem.;):
hmmmmm....well...if you push the clutch pedal down THEN turn the key the engine will start ;): ............ :lol::lol::lol: no i'm just playing with you!!!!! i agree with wilbur:bandit:
You may want to have your battery checked out.

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