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Noise when I turn on cabin fan?

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After not using the car over the weekend, I now have a noise when I turn on the fan that blows air into the car. It sounds like leaves and stuff in there. I suspect maybe a chipmunk or mouse made a nest in there or something. How do I get in there to remove it? The noise sounds like its coming from behind the glove box. I took a shop-vac and cleaned out what I could from under the hood ,but it sounds like its between the dash and the firewall.

How can I access that fan? I dont want mouseturds on me!
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Yeah probably a squirel got into the blower case. you are right about it being behind the glovebox. remove the glovebox and the lower case that holds the blowermotor. Everything should be accessible from there
yep 3 screws or bolts and a plug, slowly lower and there. My 95 would throw strips of foam out the vents, jejejeje
thanks. last night i popped out the glovebox and could see it all. i didnt have time to finish, so i will just drop out the lower part of the blower fan and hopefully there are no dead animals in there!
heh same thing happened to me, but then it did the airflow to the passenger side lolz, i'll take it apart later when i got the time
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