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Not Again... CRX!

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I was on my way home from work AGAIN last night minding my own biz, driving at 80-85 mph at the freeway when I passed a Honduh CRX on the right lane. He caught up to me side by side wanting to race - I knew this guy is a real ricer with his primer paint on, almost to the ground body kits and blaring muffler. I knew I was gonna get my ass whupped so I didn't take him on and give him the satisfaction of beating a Hyundai and bragging about it.
As we turned to the same exit and stopped at the light, He revs his engine to impress me. When lights turned green... we took off at normal speed, but the car in front of him was slow so I punched it - leaving him behind. He got pissed and punched it too... going around the other car - FAST AND FURIOUS!
Dang!... that CRX can fly! I didn't make a kill tonight but at least I pissed him.

Do I look like a RICER? That's the second time in two days I'm being challenged...geeeeeeeez!!!

I race the race I know I can win!
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Good job! How many horses does a Buick have?

I must have something more than stock under my hood...
... Turbo
... CAI
... Headers
... Cat-Back
... NOS
all installed tonight before I go home.

Can anyone sponsor my ride? Heh!Heh!Heh!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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