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I was at Sound Hyundai Suzuki and Mazda of Renton taking my moms Vitara in to get the door handle fixed and when I was pulling out going to go past the tib's I noticed the red one on the end had Euro Clear tails. I couldn't believe my eyes. That was a little odd for a dealership. It had the 3 red circles and one white in it for the Euro's. Which I thought was weird some more. They had 15 or 16's on it I believe with low pro tires, and inside had APC white face gauges, red and grey racing pedals, Red "Powered by Hyundai" Shoulder pads on all four seat belts, it was fully loaded and had a switch under the dash that none of the salesmen knew what it was for. It had a O and I toggle switch with "Blue" writen on the O side and "Green" on the I side and a knob on the bottom with a Max and Min written on it. I was thinking it was for like a ground effects kit or something. And the new 2002 Sonata looks pretty sweet too. Big change between the 2001 front and backwise. The dealer test drove a red Elantra GT and got it to 130 in forth but backed off of going to fifth because they were affraid to get a ticket.. :D But I thought that was quite odd for a dealer to do to a car. I know it was on clearance but that was alot of stuff, especially the Euro Clear tails. I didn't check under the hood. Sticker price was 16,400 abouts... Also the dealer hadn't heard of the 2002 Tib's yet..

Timothy Zacher
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