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o great, airbag light!

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Why is my airbag light on... it just came on the other day. I was messing with fuel injector wires from the ecu and later noticed it came on. Basically what i want to hear is that my worst fear wont come true, the bag isnt going to deploy at some random time when im cruising down the road. I dont plan on taking it to a dealer and paying them $500 to turn the light off :dead: Should i just pull the fuse out? This is how my car treats me for putting a new motor in it....
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uhh it didnt turn itself off, ne help here :lol:
I have the exact same problem with my car right now I don't know what is going on. The past few days it has remained on constantly, but last week it was fine. I am going to call my dealership and see whats up

A Question that I have though, cause I have seen on different forums that this issue is cause by the alternator, it keeps spiking the voltage. In return damaging the ecu for the airbag. Would a audio system damage my alternator hindering my air bag ecu? If so damn that blows. :dead:

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Nah I doubt the audio system would damage it, just more wear and tear is all. I've had a large system in my car (2 amps low ohm loads) for almost 3 yrs on the same alt. Keep me updated about what the dealership says please! I tried reseting the comp but it wont go away, I could try another ecu and see what happens as i have a spare.
I believe the air bag light comes on mostly because of electrical issues. Or of course if there is an air bag light on, as long as that light is on the system will not work properly.
there is an airbag code that comes on for the 10 year service interval
I've had my airbag light on for a couple months now, due to starting my car with no instrument cluster in (a no no aparently) there is a guy who owns a garage by me who is like "Mr. Hyundai" He used his snap-on scan tool and reset my airbag light for me for like 10 bucks. Everything else i tried didn't do a damn thing, dissconnecting the battery, nothing worked.

That would be my suggestion, the dealership wanted way too much for a 5 min job.
The only way to get rid of the airbag light is to have the dealer reset the light.

$50 at any US Hyundai dealer. Anymore than that is a rip off. Just tell them to reset the light, no diagnostics.
Well I got a diag, just pretty much said I broke the circuit when I started the car with no cluster, and I got it cleared all for 10 bucks, If you could find a garage with the correct tools they could do it too.
Guess i'll try my buddys shop he may be able to do it , if not i'll hit the dealership up.
I am going into the dealship tommorow morning to get my car looked at and my Autopac claim taken care of since I am sick of looking at the gash in my front left bumper. Anyways I will see what they say an let yah know what I hear, hope it isn't anything to expensive if not free.

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okay, thanks!
Well I went to the dealship and got my airbag light turned off. It appears a connection on my passanger airbag was the issue. Makes me happy that I didn't do anything for a change. Best of luck with your issue dude.
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