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I'm not computer literate so please bare with me in what im trying to say.

Ok i installed the OBD2 software from my PC and followed the instructions Alex gave me.I entered the software ID number and went through.I followed the instructions and it said its recommended for seperate directorys and i did.I opened up a new folder for all 8 Sample Scans and put them in that folder.Now there is a Total of 22 files?
I copied everything on a Disc so i can install it into my Laptop.I installed it into my Hard drive and it doesnt allow me proceed?
When i open the Obd2.exe file it says "Your Vehicle folder C:/Windows/Desktop/OB2/Noconnect.Log is gone". Then when i press OK,it displays "Put Object to undefined item". What does this mean which object?
Please Help me !!
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