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Oil Leaking from Lower right of engine. 1995 Accent 1.5L SOCH

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My car is leaking oil, it seems to be near the righ front axel. I not sure where its coming from b/c the engine area has alredy been blacked by oil. So I cant relly tell.

The drops are right below the rightmost part of the tranny. I have Included pics.

how do you put the pics in here??????????//
anyways, where its leaking there is a green looking can thing, i dont know . What you say

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first off Get under there with a couple of spray cans of engine cleaner. Clean up the underneath of your engine as good as you can. Be careful of hosing the stuff off use a gentle spray.

Oil & water can sometimes travel before dripping to the ground. once you clean the engine you have a better chance of finding the leak
passenger side of car, or driver side? if it's the passenger side; take a close look at the oil filter.

when you turn the car on, you should be able to see dripping.. trace it back to it's origin. don't run the car too long if you can hear the valves ticking.

put the link to your picture between two image tags with square brackets instead of round brackets: (image)(/image)

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Well the drops are on the drivers side. And seems to be coming from where the axel attaches to the tranny.
MIGHT be your boots, not too sure on that, but get them checked out anyway
maybe your driveshaft seal has popped off of stuffed.happened to me twice.
If the oil is semi/clear/grey and smells like egg's it's your cv axle seal. If it's motor oil, then it could be the oil pan gasket or crank seal. The part's fairly inexpensive, however, when I did mine it just makes sense to replace the cv axle's as well.
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