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oil pan

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i'm not sure if this has been asked before but since i was thinking of turboing my car. my buddy with his 2nd gen gst came over and i was looking at it. and it looked like the oil pan from there would fit on to the beta. i'm not to sure but the design is the same as ours, like where the crease goes up for the down pipe. how i thought of it, it would save time of drilling and tapping lines for oil.

correct me if i'm wrong.
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they might 'look' the same, but are not. even if the pan was same size (which would be highly highly, highly unlikely) someone confirm this, the bolt holes would probably be off.

its not a big deal to tap the oil pan, have someone you know just weld in a fitting.
Gen.I & II Tibs. have the exact same Beta I engines......also, the oil-pans from the 1.8 & 2.0 cars are interchangeable!.

I believe he's talking about a 2nd Gen GST not tiburon.

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well I agree its not so hard to take it off drill a hole place a small pipe and braze it on there. some people like to tig, or mig weld it or even use a flang type style fitting. I do turbo kits for people around here including my own and ive had the best luck brazing a pipe in. this way it eliminates the possibilities of small leaks..

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[body]I believe he's talking about a 2nd Gen GST not tiburon. [/body]
Of course I was talking about Tiburons! (Hyundai Coupe`s) in the U.K., I have absolutely no idea what a `GST`actually IS!. LOL

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