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Oil pressure problem URGENT!!!

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Hi, I started my car today for the first time with the turbo and noticed something very disturbing. The oil pressure at idle and low RPM is ok: aprox. 37psi, then I start to rev the engine and oil pressure rises up to 3000-3500rpm (50psi), then it drops to 0psi.

The stock oil pressure sender seems to be working fine, the light comes up when cranking and then goes away. This warning light doesn't goes on when my gauge reads 0.

Is there any chance my pressure sensor is wrong? I have it installed on the oil gallery in the cyl head along with the oil feed to the turbo (tee). My car is a 97 tib. Could it be the oil regulator in the head?

I would appreciate any help!!!

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Sorry guys, problem solved. Faulty electric connection.

Funny how one doesn't think in moments like this.
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