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hey ppl i have recently had my car on the dyno made 75kw at the wheels but my oil pressure was bounceing of my gauge at 100psi and that was between 5500 and 6000. i got told that i should get that fixed be4 i put the turbo on so that i don't blow the oil seals in the turbo. i'm using a 10 40w oil but i will be dropping to a 5 30w soon wen i do the next oil change. just woundin wat other ppl have done wen they turbo charged they accent. weather they just put a restricter inline for the turbo feed or put in a different relief plunger and spring.
thanks very much ian

car details
2000 hyundai accent (verna) gs
1.5l twin cam
alloy mainfold from a excel twin cam
cold air intake from 2.5 stainless piping
2.5 mandrel bent exhaust and extractors
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