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Oilpan Plug Threads Stripped

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I have a 03 Elantra which I take only to the dealership for maintenance like oil changes. The last time I took it in, the service tech came out and said that the threads for the oil plug were stripped and they were going to install a helicoil.

The service advisor told me that this is a common problem and results from the engine being heated while running and then the normal cooling process over time then told me that I should likely get a new oil pan ordered(my expense). It is no longer under warranty.

Is his story on the true side or is it a problem caused by the service tech over torquing the plug during the procedure? The only time I have stripped threads is when I have either over tightened a bolt or have not started the threads on the bolt properly.
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caused by the service tech over torquing the plug during the procedure
caused by the service tech cranking down on the oil plug

however, a helicoil is good for a long time as well, but a new pan would be better. same dealer everytime?
Originally posted by inferredrecords
caused by the service tech over torquing the plug during the procedure
Ditto... my dealership replaced the oil pan on their dime because of it...
Yea how hard is it to change oil, I am just curious who ever thought the fast lube people it was okay to use impact wenchs on oil plugs. I would tell him it was their fault and you don't want a heilcoil they need to get you a new oil pan.
I have an appointment with the dealership manager and service manager for next week...I guess we will see if they will make it right or not.
My dad had a similar thing happen to his Pony 3 years after he bought it. Someone overtorqued it, snapping the bolt. When he came in for his next oil change, (to the dealer) the service guy said that there';s no oil drain plug.

My dad showed them all the receipits for past oil changes and said that the car had not been serviced anywhere. THey replaced the oilpan.

It's all about how you talk to them.
Heres whathappened. A flat rate lube dood, in an attempt to beat the .3 hours he will get paid for the oil change, he used a 1/2 inch impact gun to blow the drain plug out, and used the same 1/2 inch snap on 750 lb/ft impact gun to blast it on.
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