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ok guys what lights do I need

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well, I was looking at some cool mods, and my next ones are going to be, the grill, my smoked lights, and Fog Lights.
On the Fog lights what lights do I use? I have been hearing from my friend who has an accent that maybe I can use the lights from th eLexus IS 300 like these

but then I saw the front of my bumper and saw that this doesn't work
Note: the pics are on the links

so what lights do I use? Can I ge tthem at a Junk yard? or do I actually have to spend $60.00 US to get them? help please?
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Yeah...those Lexus ones definitely wouldn't fit. Trying to find an LC with foglights at a junkyard or a U-Pull-It type place would probably be your best bet.
USDM Hyundai accent's don't come with foglights,

you'll have to look at IDM Accents for foglights,

fro example..australia.
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