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Ontario Legal/Illegal Mods

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For those of you in Ontario who are concerned about the legality of modifications then check out this site It mentions many of the poplular modifications and links to the appropriate section of the HTA. It also has an email address to which you can ask about the legality of a mod not mentioned on the site.

If it doesn't work properly for you then try Internet Explorer.
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Nice post, good info to have.
Its great when you have a legit question, so you email them, and they don't reply.

This Project ERASE targets anyone with anything done to their cars. It doesn't specifically target racers.......
Well lets be realistic, if they are looking specifically for street racers then why would they look at cars that haven't been modified. They see a modified import and think "that may be a street racer" so they decide to stop you for speeding or whatever to check out the car for illegal modifications and check your driving record. Of course they realize that not all people driving modified cars are street racers but the probablility is there. Yeah its police profiling, so what? If you've seen the documentary on A&E about street racing in Toronto then you know they openly admit the chances of them catching someone in the act of street racing is fairly slim so they have to target the drivers. One good way of doing this is to crack down on illegal modifications as most street racers have illegal modifications. If you run NOS or are driving with illegal tires then your gonna targeted. I hate the fact that because I've modified my car I'm viewed to be a street racer but I don't blame the cops for that, I blame the people who give me and every other tuner a bad name - the street racers. I was very pleased to see this website because it shows me that the cops recognize that sometimes people modify their cars just for the sake of modifying their car. My suggestion, if you don't want to get charged then don't give them a reason to charge you.

BTW I sent an email to them and got a response within a couple of days so just be patent. What was it you were asking them?
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