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Opinions on exhaust needed....

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I kinda like the idea or dual exhausts....but un fortunatly we accents can ony get one pipe....or can we? I was thinking of redoing my exhaust and heres my plan:
1. get a header. Now since i have a manual i would prolly want to get a 4-1 correct? (I'm still looking if anyone is selling or knows anyone who is seling 1.6 headers)

2. i would take the pipe down just past the flex and then add a muffler.( i was looking at the flowmaster 60 series)

3. go maybe a few inches then take the pipe and slpit it in two and "Y" at the end

So heres the thing. What do you all think would happen as far as power? Would i lose some because it's opened too much? or would i just get the normal change that you get when you get a new exhaust?
Please give me some advise on this.
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I would add a chambered resonator between the headder and the muffler. This will kep the hadder buzz to a minimum. then plit the pipe into two tips. Don't go too big on the piping either. I would go with 2" for a dual pipe setup. Make sure all your stuf is tucked up nicely under the car because nobody wants to see your stuff hanging back there bouncing around.

If it is a look you are going for then this should work. If it is performance you need then just go with a single. The second pipe will add weight and likely take some of your backpressure. This could result in a loss of power.
what if i had the pipe 2" from the header to the muffler, then once i split it went to 1 3/4"? Would that add a little bit of back preasure?
in my honest opinion dual exhaust on a 4 cylinder is pointless. It would be more of a power loss than a gain. The only thing good about it is the looks. Other than that its not a good choice for me. but that is just my opinion.
Most people who get a dual exhaust will put two mufflers on the end of it.

If you are looking at a single muffler with two tips then have a look at the Neon layout.

Maybe you could do something like this.
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But thats a SRT-4 with a Mannaflow axle back, you must be specific =P

I was hoping for a itty bitty 2 inch pipe and a winy stock muffler. Not the crome beauty that graced my computer monitor.

I dont know if that will work on an accent, the trunk is moved back just for a muffler back there, a glasspack might fit crosswise in an accent for its small size. ;):
See this is exactly what i was looking for in opinions. Thanks a lot guys. Ok well i was hoping duel would'nd do anything BAD to my power but just as I thought it makes it too open and therefore loss of power. agin thanks.
acctully...would i lose power if i had that Neon layout? cause thats pretty much what i was thinking...I wasn't going to have 2 pipes persay but try to get two on each side using as little pipe as i could....
That Neon setup would likely be the best way to get dual tips without losing performance.
My shop supervisor has a honda del sol with the stock 4-2-1 manifold. Anyways he cut the manifold at the so he has 2 so he has a true duel exhaust. You could do that with some cheap 4-2-1 obx header, but seeing that you live CALI you would have make it all CARB legal.
any performance loss with cutting a 4-2-1 into 2? that was something I was thinking of doing since it's so hard to find 4-1 headers for a decent price. Anything over $300 shipped is way too much.
I wouldn't go cutting a set of headders up. If you do that you would need to run two pipes all the way back and have two muffers. If you are planning on connecting the two pipes further down the pipe then you have just changed any benefit of cutting the headder (if there is any benefit).

I think you would be best to run a 4-2-1 headder (better for low end torque) into a high flow catalytic converter, then to a nice and large resonator, then to the muffler setup in the picture above.

To make it lok real nice I would cut a couple of half circles under your bumper for the tips to come out. I find it wierd looking when people have any exhaust running out the back and not tucked into a bit of a cut-out. It looks out of place and won't have a factory look.;):
sounds to get it planned out so it could fit...i just looked under the car...boy is it tight.:|...would i still be able to use the stock resonator? If not where would i find one thats not too spendy?

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The headder will give the exhaust a really buzzy sound. That "bumblebee" sound everyone hates. So a good resonator will keep that to a minimum. The factory one just won't do. Your muffler shop should be able to recomend one that would suit your application. The bigger the better. It will help keep the exhaust note nice and low. It will also help smooth out the revs. It will help eliminate the nasty popping sound as you coast to a stop.
Here is a look at what I am running on my car.

Hyundai Motorsports headder (yes it is from the actual race car)

High flow catalytic converter


Magnaflow polished muffler

Magnaflow 3" polished double wall tip.

All of this is connected by 2.5" T-304 stainless mandrel bent exhaust piping.

Here is what it looks like from behind.

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and it has that low note you were talking about? I was thinking of getting a Flowmaster 60 seris muffler. It's made specificly for the Sport compact or light truck. mainly any 4 cylinder....How much did your resonator cost you?
About $100 CDN. I think that either the Flowmaster or the Magnaflow would do the trick. let me see if I got this straight:
1. Get 4-2-1...(I have a manual, does the 4-2-1 or 4-1 matter?)
2. Get High Flow Cat...(any model?)
3.Get Resinator (same as cat?)
4. Get the Flowmaster 60 Series muffler

Do I have that correctlly?
I believe that a 4-2-1 headder works the best since a 4 cyl is a little lacking in torque in the low end. A 4-1 will give you mostly high rpm horsepower. Any model of cat and resonator should do. Just make sure that you go larger than you think you are going to need when it comes to the resonator. Trust me. Everything else looks good.

Just make sure that when you are getting the piping made up, I would go with a 2.25-2.5" diameter with mandrel bends. No crush bending cause that is restrictive.;):
how much did your whole exhaust system cost? Also...would this work resinator wise:

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