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opinions on mods

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Hey guys, here are my planned mods :

1> aos cai (already on)
2> shark 421 header and custom 2.5" exhaust with high flow cats
3> 1.8l elantra cam
4> bbtb and im (have a local speedshop that will match the im to the bbtb for $125)
5> b&g springs 1.5" drop
6> 205/50/15 tires

I want to stay n/a - should this all add up to a pretty good increase ?

And NO I don't want bigger rims. Just wider tires.
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The specs on the 1.8 and 2.0 cams are as follows
Cam Height: Intake 44.449mm
Cam Height: Exhaust 45.049
Journal OD: 28mm
Bearing oil clearance: 0-.025mm
End Play: .1-.2mm
8 degrees more duration . Intake open event is advanced by 5 degrees, intake close event is retarded by 3 degrees, for a total of 8 more degrees of open angle.
Cam Height: Intake 44.049mm
Cam Height: Exhaust 45.049
Journal OD: 28mm
Bearing oil clearance 0-.025
End Play: .1-.2mm
Pin OD: 45mm
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