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Outer Tie Rod Trouble - fast answers plz

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Hey guys I own a 96 accent GT, and i am having problems removing the outer tie rod end, according to the shop manual it has a locking lugnut sort of that connects to the rod end, but i cant get it to come off the tie rod, ive tried wd-40, using a propane torch to get it hot, but so far have had no luck...what are my other means of pulling it off? do i have to take apart the entire tie rods and pull them out and then figure it out, or am i going to have to replace the hole tie rod too?
Any help would be much appreciated, i currently have no car to drive, as both of them are apart right now
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I thought if I read this I would know what you were talking about, but I just don't get what you are saying. Got any pics, or can you explain a little better?

1. Mount the rack and pinion assembly in a vise
  1. Cut the bellows mounting band and remove the bellows.
  2. Unstake the tie rods with a chisel
  3. CAUTIONIf the rack is to be removed, remove the left side tie rod end joint from the knuckle
    1. After moving the rack fully to the right, mount the rack in a soft jawed vise, and remove the left tie rod.
    1. Remove the right tie rod by the same procedures described in steps (3) and (4).
If you are talking about the flanged nut that screews down onto the tie rod end, you have to remove the pin first. Look all around the nut, in the groves, and one will have a pin in it that needs to be removed first.
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