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overpowerful speakers?

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when my LC came with sony Xplod speaker's, the music was just drowned by the vibration of the bass on the speakers, the door panel also didnt' hae enough padding to absorb this.

my alpine unit is already good enough and has enough bass capabiities, should i swap back on OEM Speakers?
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Not unless you want crap ass sound again. betcha you could mess with the settings on your deck and get a cleaner sound.

Or jsut buy subs. They drown out everying. :D
you need to turn the bass down on you hu. Or get some better speakers. the some sound dampening and cover you pannel edges with foam.
I agree turn the bass down on the H/U or get better speakers then those sonys.
sony sucks
ozone is right, sony speakers suck.
I have all Rockford Fosgates in my '99GSi. 5 1/4s in the doors 6 1/2s in the back deck, and 8" Subs on the way.

Got em, love em. Go buy em.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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