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Oxygen Sensor Simulators

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Does anyone know if they make these for the LC2's. I am throwing codes due to no CAT and I have been told this fixes the problem. I have found a few but none for Hyundai. Can I use one from another car? Thnx for the help
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From what I know, these are mostly universal. I just bought one, but havent had the time to install, but as long as you have your stock 02 sensor with 4 wires, you're ok.
I could be wrong cause I have no short term memory but I thought there was only 3 wires to the O2 sensor. One white and two gray. I found a sensor that says its for a nissan L4 engine but it is a 3 wire harness. Again I cant remember how many it has. I will have to look. Thanks though.
What the simulator gives you is 5 wires to hook up to 4 wires. From what I know, we have 4 wires. I have the Bosch 02 sensors so mine are 1 black(signal) 1 grey(ground) and 2 whites(heater) which one is used for 12V. The only wire you don't connect to the simulator is the heater that isnt giving out 12v. If you google 02 simulator, you can check out the site and installation from there.
Thanks Ravin
Before you try a simulator i would try just taking it out of the exhaust and zip tie it to the side somewhere. Mines been this way for along time and I've never gotten a code from it....
good idea, I have of that before. Maybe I will give that a try.
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