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Ozzy Racing Rims / HR Racing rims, will they fit???

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With the cap head bolts on the front rotors of an X3 will these rims fit??
If i get the 8 hole rims will the bolts line up with the vacant holes on the rims?

Does anyone with an Excel have these rims (ozzy racing 080 five spokes), or encountered this problem?

They look the same as the Nexo PX-5 on the American wheelmax website.(except with 8 holes).

Also do 16 x 7 fit inside the guards ok? I'm planing on some 30mm drop King springs...

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Hey dude, If you're refering to the 4 Bolts on the rotors that sit under the wheels when they are bolted on, any reputable wheel shop will be able to machine the back of the rims properly so they aren't out of balance too much. If they are keen for a sale they should do it at no charge. its not a hard job to do.
whoops-double post

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cool shouldn't be too hard then.

anyone roll on 7" wide rims with their x3?
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